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Centro Educativo La Minga would like to acknowledge

Maria Blanca Sacatoro Toaquiza aka Blankis.


Ever since the Esperance Family Foundation donated the funds for a second story on our Colegio Viejo thus creating a space for a library, CELM was looking for a librarian.  We even had another sponsor who was willing to fund this great service.  Perhaps since the Kichwa weren’t familiar with a library much less the responsibilities of a librarian, it took a while before someone volunteered for this post.  Blankis has been doing an amazing job since June of 2014.  She works 6 hr per weekday and has created wonderful enrichment programs for the children at both our elementary and high school. 


In addition to being a librarian and being pregnant with child number two, she was one of the few women (at age 22) who attended classes for and graduated from Professional Truck Driving School.  As of Dec, 2015,  she and her husband Carlos can choose to run a truck driving business.


Not allowing any moss to grow under her feet, she then decided to take classes to be a Nurse’s Assistant.  Attached is a photo with her certification as of Oct, 2016.


Blankis does know how to balance work with play.  She is a member of the newly formed female soccer team!


Blankis – You Rock!  You are a wonderful inspiration for the entire community of Malingua Pamba.

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