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Dear friends of Enma (and her family), 


Her formal graduation just happened!  These are AWESOME photos of such a grand event!  FIRST female (4th Malinguan) to graduate from university!  WOW!  For those of who whom I’ve neglected to copy on her thesis.  For the previous 6 months she has executed her thesis for her degree in Medio Ambiente (Environment).  She (& students from the colegio) planted native plants in a vivero and then, when they were ready, reforested a large area with them.  So not only did the environment benefit, but our whole colegio knows and participated in this event.  


TOO AWESOME for more words!  (Feel free to forward to whomever!) 


Enma & Lautaro ( her brother)

Enma & her husband

Enma, Ignacio & family (her brother)

Enma and her little sister Sonia

Enma and her sister Blanca & family

Enma, Alcides & family

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