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CELM Graduates!

Pam Gilbert

Mar 17, 2023

Centro Educativo la Minga

Centro Educativo La Minga would like to proudly announce four new university graduates as of March, 2023.  I would like to ‘wax poetic’ about the integrity, character, and strength of purpose of all of these individuals.  They really are the crème de la crème!  If you saw pictures of the humble beginnings of all these kids, living in a chosa (dirt floor hut with thatched roof) and, if lucky, one bare light bulb to illuminate the hut, then you’d be as impressed as I.  Their daily chores would consist of feeding the animals which probably would involve moving them to the designated field prior to going to school.  They would then help to plant and/or harvest crops in the afternoon, and also carry buckets to collect water from the closest source which might be uphill or downhill of their chosa.  But, as you will soon detect, the strength, support and love of their families gives them unstoppable resolve.

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