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Richard Welch

This is in response to your request to submit a testimonial about my 2016 EWB trip to Malingua Pamba, Ecuador. This is not only easily done, but definitely a pleasure. To anyone who is considering getting involved with this project, do yourself the favor. Do it. This experience, for me, was not only enriching, humbling, and enlightening, but life changing. I found the community Malingua Pamba consisted of the warmest, most sincerely loving,  beautiful persona of anywhere I’ve been. I just want to do more for their causes & needs. The simplicity of how these people live is an eye-opening pleasure. I’m thinking “ Salt Of The Earth”. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to participate with my co-engineers on this endeavor and will gladly be involved in the future. Thank you, Pamelita


Richard Welch

Engineers Without Borders volunteer

April, 2016

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