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​Birgit Seeger

I spent 4 weeks in the small village called Malingua Pamba in the Cotopaxi region. It was an unforgettable time for me.
I was working mainly in the primary school.  I taught english, math and reading. Furthermore, I played with the smaller kids, helped Lautaro to organize the library, taught the elder children and women some handcrafts like knitting and crochet in order to make their own ponchos, sweaters and/or bags. I showed them how to make bracelets with wool and pearls.  I hope that they can sell their goods one day.
In my free time, I renovated the teacher's and volunteer's room.  I painted the walls, bought some wooden furniture in Latacunga together with Alcides to create a small recreation room not only for the teachers and volunteers but also for the women to make their handcrafts. Willian and Pedro have supported me well whilst doing the paintings. I explained to them how to mix the different colors.
I am happy that I've had this good opportunity to take part in their daily life. Everyone was so friendly and concerned about my well-being, that I really felt accepted and like being a part of the family.
The nature is really amazing. I did some hikes to the Quilotoa crater and to the small village Isinliví (3 hours hike). I met lots of indigenous people working on the fields or washing their clothes in the river. They greeted me and watched me curiously asking me questions about my work and my origin.
I really hope that I can go back to Ecuador one day to visit the community once more and to see the progress!
Birgit Seeger

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