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Nick Fosdick

In January 2015 I was part of a group of three that traveled to Ecuador to help construct greenhouses. While I knew this was a tremendous  experience, I didn't realize how much of an impact doing something like this would have. When we arrived at our first destination, Malingua Pamba, I was overcome by the beauty of the natural landscape and the hospitality of our hosts. Over the course of a week, we worked in three villages to construct greenhouses high in the Andes (Malingua Pamba, Quinta Tunguiche and Guantugloma). The people that lived in the villages were some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. They were hard-working, enthusiastic, grateful and fun! I truly appreciated the teamwork and can do attitudes of everyone involved. When I returned home, I was able to share a truly amazing experience with my family. I take great pride in the fact that we were able to finish the construction to get these communities closer to increased food production. I’m thankful one of the guys on my team was able to stay and continue to assist in bringing the greenhouses into production. I thank Centro Educativo la Minga for providing me with this unbelievable, life changing experience!

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