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In August of 2022, I was contacted by several members of the community of Malingua Pamba concerning the devastation being caused to our ‘newest’ 2-story educational building which we call the Edificio Grande from the torrential rains.


CELM Volunteers- Solene Moyes

It is with tears in my eyes that I write this text. I am a very sensitive girl. But as Caron de Beaumarchais said “if I laugh it's like crazy, if I cry it's to the point of crying. 


Centro Educativo La Minga would like to proudly announce four new university graduates as of March, 2023.  I would like to ‘wax poetic’ about the integrity, character, and strength of purpose of all of these individuals.

Maria Clara Ante Toaquiza.jpeg

Engineers Without Borders just completed a very successful 10-day trip to Ecuador in September, 2022.  (The first one since the COVID pandemic.)


Marcia Esthela Toaquiza Sigcha’s defense of her thesis


Building Maintenance Overview


Back in April, 2003, when I first discovered Malingua Pamba (mainly because I was lost and was helped by two indigenous Kichwa boys), the children there only had just a one-room school room with one teacher. 


Let us begin as the Kichwa begin.  They always take the time to greet as well as extend the warm hope that you, your family, and all of your loved ones are well.  They are mindful that every day is a day in which to be thankful.  So let me take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving and hope that this will be a great season for you and those who surround you.

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