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​Samantha Tracy

My experience in Malingua Pamba, Ecuador would be difficult to put into words, but I suppose I will try. It was my first time leaving the US and not to mention I was with three people I knew a little but not completely. I was a bit nervous at first but soon after realized that this would be an incredible adventure. I spent 7 days in the community of Maligua Pamba, and let me tell you it was nowhere near a long enough amount of time. I originally was planning on going on this trip as a spectator, one who would play with the children, hang out, and see the sights. That quickly converted into a full blown volunteer job, which included offering my knowledge of previous medical learning to benefit the community the best I could. My first day arriving in Malingua began with giving two community presentations about birth control and first aid, all in Spanish. Later that week my presentations included a smaller demonstration of how to maintain good hygiene for a group of kiddos. The rest of my experience was phenomenal, not only diving into the language but the culture as well. If that were not enough I was surrounded by an abundance of raw beauty. The landscape was extremely green, fertile, and had incredible views whichever way you turned. I was blown away by this experience in Ecuador and would recommend this journey to anyone who has a heart to help, encourage, travel, and love on people. It was a blessing to travel with Pamela and I would really go again in a heartbeat!

Samantha Tracy
MPHS Class of ‘12
May 2, 2012
18 years old

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