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Pam Gilbert

'72 Built a School in Ecuador- and Endows CMU Scholarship with Gift in Will

Marie Foucard

Minga in Malingua Pamba

Ayudanos a seguir con esta causa...

Es tiempo de nuestro reporte anual, queremos mostrar 3 historias en este segmento...

Enma, was our first valedictorian in Jul ’10.  She has worked incredibly hard at the Universidad Tecnica de Cotopaxi and is in her final year - working on her thesis in Environmental Studies. She is an ‘old maid’ as she is childless and not married at age 25!  However, that is about to change as her wedding is scheduled for Feb ’16.  My mom sponsored her education.  I am so proud and emotional about her many successes and example for our students that I could just burst

Carmelina had her first child at age 18.  She is now the mother of 5.  She dropped out of our Colegio several years ago and I am SO proud to see that at age 28 she has enrolled in 8th grade.  I’ve got my fingers crossed. She is married to Pedro, one of the two boys who rescued me in Apr ‘03 – yes, 13 yrs ago!  I am the official godmother of their first child, Nataly Viviana.

Maria Norma is also starting 8th grade.  She has had the benefit of a fully staffed elementary school unlike Enma & Carmelina.  Hopefully things will be much easier for her.

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Gracias Ferreteria Sansur en Latacunga, McGuckin Hardware en Boulder & Lake Valley Seed en Boulder por su gran contribución en este proyecto.

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Estudiantes de nuestro colegio en Malingua Pamba

Graduation Class of 2014 Colegio

La Minga, Malingua Pamba, EC

Centro Educativo La Minga, Inc.



This is our fifth (5th!) graduating class – first one was in 2010.  The girl in the black vest, Monique was the valedictorian.  This is a particularly noteworthy accomplishment as she has a one year old daughter.  She is married to the older brother of the boy on the right.  Speaking of Patricio, he just completed an eight-month class to be a professional driver.  In latino countries, if you can drive a vehicle, and in specific a truck, you have the potential to have a very comfortable (and interesting – since you get to get around the county) life.

Apr ‘03  Pam Gilbert, recently retired math teacher from Boulder, CO got lost in the Andes. Two indigenous (Quechua) boys who were walking home (2 hrs) from their Saturday high school lessons, went 1.5 hrs out of their way to help her.  She was touched by their gracious help and their passion when they spoke about the importance of education.  She didn’t realize that the gentle yet strong Kichwa (Quechua) spirit was about to change the direction of her life.

Oct ‘03 After dreaming about the boys and feeling the passion which radiated from their eyes when they spoke about their desire for a secondary education, Pam returns to Ecuador to try to help them.  She discovered that their community only provided a very mediocre elementary education in a classic one-room school with one teacher for all 6 grades.  The president of the community suggested building a classroom.  The labor will be provided through mingas – “volunteer labor” for which the Quechua are famous.  She agrees to return and provide funding for the materials ($1,000). Meanwhile, Pam’s friends got inspired by the chain of events and sent an unsolicited $4,000 in their Christmas cards.​ keep reading............

Geoff Elliot - Colector de agua en Malingua Pamba

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