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Get to know Tania's work, she is a Graphic Designer from Malingua Pamba, one of our becarias. To see Tania's work click on the buttons links.


the University Students meet monthly in Malingua Pamba to receive their monthly scholarship checks plus do a community service project - a Minga.  Here they are cleaning the sewer under the supervision of Elvia Ante Toaquiza, the president of Malingua Pamba. “

Blanca Sacatoro - Graduation

New bathrooms in Malingua Pamba!

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History / Background for the Science Lab/ mini-industrial kitchen – since April 2016

Dear Padrinos y Madrinas!                                                                                    


November 2018

Let us begin as the Kichwa begin.  They always take the time to greet as well as extend the warm hope that you, your family, and all of your loved ones are well.  They are mindful that every day is a day in which to be thankful.  So let me take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving and hope that this will be a great season for you and those who surround you.

Some pictures from the progress of the 2nd stage Lab